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What’s new?

  • YesElf Editor Improvements.
  • Decision names.

 Every time a decision step is created, YesElf was used to automatically represent it with a provided number.  Now you can create and see the decision names, along with their number. Making it easier to locate and manage especially when you have multiple decision steps in the guides.

  • Guide duplication and publishing guides to a new application . 

We have made improvements to the way you copy and paste the existing  guides either within the same application or publishing guides to a new application . Copying guides saves time and as it is much easier than creating  from scratch

Read aboutWorking with the guides

Bug Fixes

  • Language export, edit and import bugs.

There was a bug stopping the functionality of language export, edit and import of the guides. Now it is working as intended.

  • Fixed previously reported bugs. 

YesElf had fixed some previously reported bugs and successfully applied them to the current version. No action is required. 

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