Discover the potential of the revolutionary onboarding platform, which transforms new hires into professionals, using AI and machine learning technologies.

How can YesElf help your company

Show your new employees how to use your corporate software faster and it will boost their productivity and save your training costs.

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By increasing your employees’ efficiency

Join the group of companies with more productive staff and faster learners in terms of internal processes thanks to the adequate induction.

By reducing training costs

Upgrade your staff’s qualification in a more cost-saving way from the long term. After all, the hiring and training costs equals to their 6-months’ salary.

By reducing support costs

Do not let your employees constantly rely on support hotline and make them self-reliant and efficient experts in their fields.

By company

Discover the problematic parts of your software and check up on analytical figures which will reveal if the user onboarding has been of benefit for your staff.

Success stories

Find out how YesElf helps companies to become more efficient in the digital world.

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We’ve implemented a guide into FIRO-tour travel agency’s website which, as a result, raised the CTR by more than 9%.

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Aliter technologies

Thanks to YesElf, two phases of education cycle were eliminated to just one. During the initial session it lead to 50% reduction of planned costs.


Thanks to the YesElf tool, employees worked independently, and the HR department didn't need the supervisor to save the money.