Show your customers how to use your app

Have you ever wondered why not that many people use your app even when it's really helpful? Or why don't your own employees want to use your company software although it can facilitate their work? Are all your answers “yes”? Then let our Elf help you.

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How it works

YesElf is a powerful platform that helps users understand any app or software better. It allows them to create nice visual guides that explain how to use these apps or software in a simple way with all their features and extensions. Simply put, users can easily and effortlessly reach their goals with YesElf.

Makes Onboarding Easier

YesElf provides  smart tools to create a set of tutorials that  help any user to start working with any company internal software. Without expensive personal trainings.

Enables Rich Media

YesElf is not just about meaningful bubbles. Our platform provides many types of content which explain user benefits of any given product as best as possible.

Reduces Support Costs

Stop throwing money away. With YesElf, there is no need to involve any help or support systems for software over and over again. Our platform can cover it all.


Let’s have a look at some examples of how YesElf can be used in everyday life.

New Employees Onboarding

Problem: Imagine this common situation – customer uses some internal system in which they need to train their employees, so they will know how to use it. But the problem is that the whole process is time and energy consuming. And, after all, personal trainings are boring.

Solution: With YesElf, the customer can easily create a set of personalized tutorials that will lead their employees step-by-step through individual parts of software and teach them how to work with the whole system.


Reduced training costs


Faster start of using the software

Dramatic improvement in the overall understanding of the applicability

Introduction of Benefits

Problem: User starts using an application, but doesn’t know how to orientate in it so they really don't get the benefits of it either.

Solution: Thanks to YesElf app developers can draft designed guides or tutorials which will appear at the right time and at the right place and they will quickly and clearly lead the users through the whole app. Thus, YesElf will help to lead its users through important features in a simple understandable manner.

More than 30%

increase of returning users

Ask experts

Problem: Desired conversions on the web are still not as expected, because onboarding strategy is not defined in the proper way and does not fit target users group.

Solution: Ask experts from YesElf! We are always ready to help anybody make their tutorials and guides better, easier to understand and, last but not least, more user friendly.


Increase of conversion goals

Our Customers Opinions

"YesElf helped us to meet those expectations in a surprisingly easy way with many additional benefits. We found out that printed manuals and video tutorials are now unnecessary. The user views only the relevant content. I cordially recommend YesElf because the way how it solves the onboarding problem is just amazing!"

Tomáš Orieščik, Software Development Director, Aliter Technologies

More Than Just a Tool


There are many tools for creating guides available on the market, but many of them contain just some text bubbles and don’t really help to increase conversions. That’s why we created YesElf – your conversions are our goals.


We don’t just create some random guides. We’re trying to create well designed, user oriented steps that are always in the right place, at the right time and with the right descriptions. So it really simplifies the process.


Even the best user experience design cannot ensure flawless use of products . With YesElf's analytical dashboard you can spot any confusion immediately when the guide is not followed.

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