The powers of YesElf

Explore the innovative features of the YesElf platform, through which you can create and edit on-boarding guides even with no programming skills.

Al & machine learning

Initial guidance expertise

YesElf monitors domain expert's behavior and analyzes his or her actions in the app. Based on the data collected, it delivers an outline of the on-boarding process in accordance with the correct use of the software.

Adaptive & responsive position

YesElf automatically adjusts the position of the guidance or context help according to the used device and screen resolution to keep your app responsive.

UI changes detection

After the user interface modification, individual guide steps will be moved to the right position automatically without manual effort.

User behaviour analysis

YesElf monitors the user behavior and if it comes to a conclusion that some of the users need help, it offers them a guide to achieve their goal.



YesElf categorizes users by their location, language, login rate, experience, user role, or on-boarding completion level.

Incremental learning

Thanks to the categorization, each user finds a guide with relevant content. Newcomers receive basic tips and experienced users advanced ones.

Personalized tours

Even though YesElf is a robot, it addresses the user in a personal way. It calls them by their first name which facilitates their engagement rate and makes them more loyal to the brand.


A/B testing

Test two on-boarding versions with different placement, graphics, or text on users, and choose the one with better results.

Mystery boarding

YesElf tracks the activity of those users, who completed the guide, and compares their work efficiency with those who work with the app without using tips.


Individual guide versions can be compared by conversion rate, efficiency, country, or language. The indicators appear in real time and have a clear form.

Interaction & Customization


Define your own conditions on when the next step should display to the user. Is it after clicking on it, after filling out the text box, or after specific time?

Visual engagement

Make your tips move and focus your users on important on-boarding steps. You can edit the animations or shadows of the bubbles.


All the on-boarding guide elements, such as the app or web color range, can be modified in YesElf according to your needs.


The tips, which guide your user through the app, can be also modified to correspond with your corporate identity in terms of color and font.



Besides text, you can fill the guidance with pictures, videos, buttons, forms, or links. Thus, you can link the guide to a website or products.


Use the language your users understand. The tips can be localized into various languages and YesElf picks the one used in the app.


YesElf gets along with smartphones and responsive websites, too. When you use another device, the tips will be adjusted to the currently used screen.

Cross device support

The guide completion rate is continuously synced with more devices. If you finish the guide on your computer, the same tips will not appear in the mobile app.



YesElf is the best choice for large enterprises with centralized solution. Each owner can have a personalized onboarding system as his or her subdomain.

On-premises software

If your company policy does not allow to use cloud solutions, we will implement YesElf directly into your environment on your internal server.


YesElf copies the development and life cycle of the app which means you can move the guide from the trial version to the final version with one click.