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    • Coop Jednota

      Thanks to the YesElf tool, employees worked independently, and the HR department didn't need the supervisor to save the money.

    • Poštová Bank

      “YesElf helped us to identify weak points on our pension fonds portal, which is one of the most important sales channels. Thanks to the improved on-boarding process, users were able to adopt our online services and we've improved customer experience to another level. YesElf team gives us great support and helps us to identify parts of the portal that should be improved. On more than 5000 visitors, we were able to increase conversion rates by 14% and reduce the leaving rate while filling the online agreement form by 33%.” - Michal Hausner, Member of the Board

    • Škoda

      “YesElf helped us to dramatically improve user engagement on our web portal using just simple guides. Our visitors are now more loyal, stay longer on the website and are more willing to try new features or promotions.”

    • Aliter technologies

      “Aliter Technologies offers innovative solutions and new approaches delivered to the customer or customer’s users. Therefore we were looking for a solution where: ● on-site support during the rollout phase of a project is eliminated dramatically, and ● our contact channels are less overwhelmed by support incidents, especially during the first weeks and months. YesElf helped us to fulfill those expectations in a surprisingly easy way with many added benefits. We found out that printed manuals and video tutorials were unnecessary. Only relevant content is shown to the user. I warmly recommend YesElf and the way how it solves the onboarding problem is just amazing.” - Tomáš Orieščik, CTO

    • Systemair

      With YesElf we dramatically improved user experience, and users learn how to use new tools really fast. Thanks to great support from the YesElf team we were able to scale quickly to more than 30 countries in Europe.

    • PlanRadar

      PlanRadar is a Software as a service (SaaS) based digital documentation and communication solution for construction and real estate projects globally. It employs over 100 staff across four international locations and supports more than 7,000 customers in 40+ countries.

      Case Study: Case Study: How did PlanRadar create an epic onboarding solution that is attractive to both technical and non-technical users with YesElf?

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    • NN

      NN is an international financial services company that has acquired AEGON the multinational life insurance company in 2019 and merged in January 2020. Now, that operates in 18 countries and takes care of the financial future of 15 million clients. It employs ~15,000 people worldwide.

      Case Study: Case Study: How NN a Multinational Life Insurance company was able to onboard 80% of their staff with over 12000 YesElf Guides

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    • Dovera

      Dôvera Zdravotná Poisťovňa a.s. is the largest private health insurer in Slovakia, providing health care for 1.6 million policy holders.

      Case Study: Case Study:How did Dovera speed up user task completion by 20% by implementing YesElf

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    • FIRO-tour

      We’ve implemented a guide into the FIRO-tour travel agency’s website, which, as a result, raised the CTR by more than 9%.

      Case Study: Case study: How innocent pop-up windows increased CTR by 9%?

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