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What’s new?

  • Record guides and their steps and download them as a document. 

YesElf now has a new feature that will automate the capturing guides and its steps. You can easily initiate the recording where YesElf will automatically and continuously take a screenshot every time a step is triggered which then YesElf will capture the whole process and you can download it as a document file to your computer. Once triggered, YesElf will continuously record the entire process until the recording process is turned off. This recording will include the name of the guide, the text the step contains, date and time of recording and the screenshot where the step bubble is displayed, YesElf will store the recording in the cloud and be available to download as a word document on-demand.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the intermittent YesElf Editor freeze caused by Virtual Private Network (VPN).

YesElf had fixed a bug that intermittently caused the YesElf Editor to freeze while starting for those who use the virtual private network (VPN) and when the internet speed was slower than average. Now all services are running as intended. 

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