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What’s new?

Recent updates to the YesElf Editor became available on May 6, 2020

  • You can now create new applications in the YesElf console. We had been developing this feature to enable you to structure your adoption process across multiple applications in your company.
  • Business Analytics Insights charts now have smooth lines, making it easier to see the trends in the analytics reports. Analytics visual style improvements – from now, all line chart analytics are improved by using smooth lines, so it’s easier to see the trends in the analytics reports. 
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  • Now the decisions can be named, making it easier to identify the purpose of the decision while the editor is in edit mode. This is important, especially for complex processes where the guides have a lot of decisions in place, and it’s not easy to distinguish between them.


  • We have improved the speed of fetching the initial guide information, which significantly increased the overall system performance and responsiveness.
  • Fixed problems with user behavior data logger as on some occasions, it returned error 500 as status code in the agent mode.
  • In Agent Mode ‘Number of times, the visitor has visited exactly’ rules are updated.
  • Bulk changes on multiple steps in the editor mode were fixed.
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