Use cases

How YesElf helps the companies

Find out how companies use YesElf to save costs and boost their employees’ efficiency.


Problem: Prior to becoming efficient workers, employees have to finish comprehensive trainings.

Solution: YesElf onboarding platform helps you create easy-to-follow instructions which appear in the software in the right time and guide your staff throughout the user interface. Thanks to the instructions, your staff learns how to efficiently work with the software in almost no time.

Result: Training costs reduction by 30%.


Problem: Newcomers do not work efficiently and are not self-reliant even after the adaptation period. This could mean that their training has not been adequate.

Solution: Replace face-to-face trainings with more efficient way of employee training. The employees will master how to work with your corporate software much sooner for they find relevant help right when they need it.

Result: Your staff will be not only more efficient, but also more autonomous, and more interactive.


Problem: The software your new hires have to work with is too complex and difficult to use.

Solution: YesElf discovers the problematic parts of the software and identifies the spots where onboarding is necessary or needless. Furthermore, it can easily find out if the employee, who is seeking external help, has already used the guide before or not.

Result: The stats on the usability of your software and on the use of the guides can be found directly in the YesElf tool.


Problem: If a worker receives personal training or e-training but needs help afterward, he or she has to call the support hotline, ask a co-worker for advice, or look up the information in a handbook.

Solution: A guide created by YesElf provides the worker with a tip and relevant information which help him or her to solve the problem. The Help is task-specific and relates to the current state of the app.

Result: Support costs reduction by 90%


Problem: Progressive software development requires also adjustments of the user environment. The guide’s placement and the content of the individual tips has to be adjusted according to the new layout.

Solution: After the user interface modification, individual guide steps will be moved to the right position automatically without manual effort.

Result: Immediate adaptation to the new software version.