Terms & Condition – YesElf affiliate program

Complete a personalized demo and we'll plant a tree in your name. Fill out the form and one of our Expert Affiliate Elfs will follow up with you to schedule your demo. You'll get your gift card after you attend.


Complete a personalized demo and we’ll plant a tree in your name.

Fill out the form and one of our Expert Affiliate Elfs will follow up with you to schedule your

demo. You’ll get your gift card after you attend.

YesElf, a leader in Digital Adoption Platform, is offering planting a tree to eligible

individuals who attend a live demo and are actively seeking to promote YesElf solutions within

their organization or others. 



After attending a live online demo with a YesElf Affiliate representative and ….., participants will

receive certificate declaring planting a tree with onetreeplanted.org (Limit one (1) promotional item per individual). Gift cards will be

sent via the company email provided within 6 weeks after attending the demo.

This promotion excludes current YesElf Partners, Affiliates or Customers and any meetings

already scheduled or completed. Offer is non-transferable and no cash or substitution of any

kind is permitted.

By submitting information through the YesElf Affiliate Form, the participant agrees to these

Terms and Conditions.  tree plantation are limited and YesElf s.r.o may terminate this offer at any

time without notice. YesElf is not responsible for technical problems or submission errors and

reserves the right to disqualify any participant if, in its sole discretion, if a participant has not

complied / satisfied the Terms and Conditions or has otherwise attempted to disrupt the

promotion.  The participant releases YesElf s.r.o from all liability arising out of participation in the



To be eligible for the promotion, individuals must:

  1. Schedule an online one-hour demo of our YesElf platform for the first time by completing the request a YesElf Demo Affiliate Form on https://www.yeself.com/become-an-yeself-ambassador/
  2. Participants must attend the entire online one-hour demo
  1. Complete the demo within 4 weeks from completing the YesElf Affiliate Form
  1. Have a verifiable company URL, phone, and direct company email address
  2. Be a professional employee with a verifiable and relevant job title (examples include but are not limited to — , Consultant Roles, IT Roles, HR Roles, Operations Roles, Innovation Roles or Constant Improvement Roles) whose position has the authority or ability to influence companies, key stakeholders, decision makers, departments or business units decisions to purchase YesElf products or services.
  1. Actively committing to being a YesElf Ambassador by sharing brand awareness internally and externally.

YesElf s.r.o reserves the right to disqualify any individual who does not meet the eligibility


Upon determination of qualification criteria of the participant, they will receive the planted tree certificate

, it will be sent to the participant’s e-mail address

provided within 6 weeks. Undeliverable gift cards will be deemed forfeited.

Employees of YesElf, along with each of their parents, subsidiaries, and affiliates, are not

eligible to participate.  

Individuals who register with a Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or any ISP-provided/free email domain 

not registered with a verifiable company will not be eligible for this offer.

Void where prohibited by law.



Successful mediation of entering into a Customer Agreement will occur if the Affiliate identifies a third party, then connects YesElf s.r.o to the third party Company to begin negotiations on the Customer Agreement and conclude it, and only if such Customer Agreement was concluded within twelve (12) months from the moment of the introduction of the third party to YesElf s.r.o by the Affiliate (hereinafter as the „Successful Mediation”).

For the avoidance of any doubt, Successful Mediation will not occur if, at the time of the Affiliate presentation of the third party to YesElf s.r.o, YesElf s.r.o is already in the course of negotiations with the third party in question.

If a new Customer Agreement between YesElf s.r.o and the same third party is concluded within the next one (1) year from the moment of Successful Mediation, the Affiliate  is entitled to a Commission of the Agreement.


The Affiliate is entitled to a commission for each Successful Mediation of the conclusion of the Customer Agreement in the amount of ten (10)% of the total value of the mediated trade excluding VAT under the Customer Agreement (hereinafter as the „Commission“).

If a Customer Agreement is concluded between YesElf s.r.o and a third party based on the Affiliate ‘s activities, the Affiliate  is entitled to the Commission, but only at the time of payment of remuneration by the third party (customer) to YesElf s.r.o under the Customer Agreement or in the case when the third party does not pay the remuneration under the Customer Agreement despite an obligation to pay it, while YesElf s.r.o met its respective obligations under the Customer Agreement. 

The Affiliate  is entitled to request documents available to YesElf s.r.o confirming the amount of Commission in question or its part of the Agreement.

The Commission is payable on the basis of an invoice issued by the Affiliate  within fourteen (14) days of receiving information on the amount of the Commission of the Agreement or following conclusion of the Customer Agreement, with the invoice due fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery to YesElf s.r.o. 

YesElf s.r.o is obliged to pay the Commission properly and on time to the Affiliate ‘s account specified in the invoice issued by the Affiliate. The invoice must meet all the requirements of the applicable legal regulations for its issuance. If the invoice does not meet these requirements, YesElf s.r.o is entitled not to pay the invoice in question until the Affiliate  has duly made the correction.

The Parties agreed that the Commission represents the total remuneration of the Affiliate  for the performance of its obligations under the Agreement and also includes any and all costs incurred by the Affiliate in connection with the performance of the Agreement, except for costs agreed in writing in advance by YesElf s.r.o. the Affiliate, with the exception of the Commission, is not entitled to any further payments, rewards or compensations in connection with the performance of the Agreement.

If you have any questions regarding this promotional offer, please contact us at