Enterprise Systems Adoption

SAP Concur®

What is SAP Concur®?

SAP Concur® falls under the category of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated travel, expense, and invoice management solutions. SAP Concur® aims to fix the tedious tasks of paper-based submission and approval processes. Travel, invoice, spend, etc.

Benefits of utilizing YesElf Digital Adoption Platform for SAP Concur®

You would save time and money. It is shown that 90% of the newly learned information will be forgotten in a week. Read about: The forgetting curve. During the transfer/adoption phase the time and effort spent for training will be highly ineffective if not applied correctly. YesElf's contextual guidance makes sure the training is applied correctly by all the users.

You will also get exclusive Business Application Insights and customized reports which will reveal the bottlenecks of your application (not just SAP Concur but also any other corporate application you have used YesElf on).