YesElf became the recommended digital adaptation tool. What does it mean for your company?

26.4.2019, 5 minutes read

Recently, the Silicon Valley based company of Constellation Research issued its renowned Digital Adoption Platforms study. Companies can use it to choose from tested tools for managing internal processes. This time, the YesElf platform is among them, too. It allows employees to learn how to work with the corporate software faster, more efficiently, and in greater detail.

What are Digital Adoption Platforms?

Imagine that a newcomer at your company needs to be trained in. As there are several programs being used at your company, you need to make sure the employee knows how to use all of them.

In order not having to show how to use the corporate software to every newcomer separately, you can use a digital adoption platform.

It is a type of software which facilitates the use of new technologies and digital applications. It is not just a guide or context-sensitive Help in a bubble. The platform offers much more.

digital adoption platforms
Digital skills adoption platforms can do much more than creating help bubbles. Source: Chargebee

The real value of the YesElf platform lies in:

gathering information on user habits
YesElf monitors the work of the employees and in case it sees that they need help, it displays relevant hints.

utilizing information for automated guide suggestions

Based on the monitored information, YesElf is able to suggest a guide with hints teaching the users how to use the in-house software properly.

guide personalization
YesElf divides the users into categories, displaying relevant guides to each of them. For example, based on the        previous experience, number of logins or guide completion rate.

analytic indicators
YesElf displays information on the use of the guides in real time and transparently. It shows the guide completion rate, efficiency of app use, or test results of several versions of the guide.

How Did We Become One of the Best?

The research tech company of Constellation decided based on several criteria:

●     context-sensitive Help (more than just hints based on linear step sequence),

●     guide personalization (based on the previous experience of the user),

●     integration support for popular corporate tools (YesElf can be integrated into any app like SAP, Salesforce or Sharepoint),

●     easy development of new guides,

●     analytic part (providing information to help understand the user behavior),

●     AI utilization,

●     support at tool implementation and suggestions of tested solutions.

Have a look at the YesElf platform features, and you realize it meets all the above criteria and much more.  

digital adoption platforms

Gradual development leads to change in functionality, as well as the user environment of the apps. In order for you not having to change the guides manually, YesElf adapts to the new interface automatically.

When detecting changes, the guides will point to the correct position, without any manual adjustments necessary.

But you can manually change them at any point if you want to.

All the hints created by the YesElf platform can be adjusted to the color theme of the app, web site, or your brand. Besides the color shades, you can choose from pre-defined animations or view styles

Is your corporate policy very strict on using digital services of third parties? No problem. YesElf is an ideal digital adoption platform for corporations and major companies, as well. You can use it on your internal server, safe from any security risks.

Using the YesElf Platform is Easy

It may appear that implementing the YesElf tool and creating software guides is rocket science. But it is not.

YesElf is a technological solution which requires no IT specialist. Just contact us and we will take care of the design, execution, and implementation of your guide into your corporate software.

Increase the Qualification of Your Employees Efficiently

Besides bad work environment, low employee productivity may be caused by the many digital apps they have to use.

The YesElf platform can help you solve this issue. Your employees will learn how to use the corporate software faster, more efficient, and to greater detail.

digital adoption platforms

The popularity of tools helping people acquiring new digital skills keeps growing – not only in the western world, but also in Slovakia.

Our satisfied clients we assisted in increasing the efficiency of their employees and reducing their training costs can confirm that.

Do you want to become a leader in efficient use of corporate digital solutions? Contact us and we will create a personalized guide for your project. You can test the features and benefits of the YesElf platform for a month for free.

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