Under the supervision of YesElf: Our insight into the onboarding at Agorapulse, the social media management tool

17.1.2019, 5 minutes read

Find out how the user onboarding process of a digital service for social media management should work. Our insight also highlights the shortcomings which should be avoided during your own onboarding design.


What is Agorapulse?

Imagine yourself managing a handful of various social profiles: three Facebook accounts and one Instagram profile, for instance. You can use the social media management tool to switch the accounts so that you don't have to log in and log out all the time. And this is one of the Agorapulse's features.

Furthermore, this service offers a range of other useful features, such as content calendar, a tool for competition analysis, cooperation with other colleagues, or activity reports.

With Agorapulse, you can manage accounts on social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It is intended for agencies, freelancers, and marketing departments which manage their social accounts on their own.

Let's start with the onboarding on the web

Your journey with Agorapulse starts on the landing page with the sign up and log in into the web app’s user interface.

But let’s focus on the website onboarding first, just like a potential user would.

Based on our previous onboarding analyses, we found that short introduction of the service at the beginning is a common standard. The same also applies to Agorapulse. Its greatest benefit is its user-friendliness, complexity, and favorable price which make Agorapulse suitable also for smaller business, not only for large agencies.  

agorapulse 1

First thing which drew out attention was the contrast button, asking us to start the free trial. And so we did, but before, we came to notice that there is a chatbot trying to start a conversation at the bottom of the screen.

agorapulse 2

The greatest benefit of chatbots is instant replies and pre-defined questions which make the conversation more comfortable. Instead of typing your wishes, you can simply select an option from the chatbot’s pre-defined set of question.

Considering Agorapulse's chatbot, you have to say what kind of customer you are, and thus what kind of help you need.

agorapulse 3

We expected that after picking one options, more pre-defined sets of questions appear, however, this was not the case.

The chatbot works here only as a helpdesk substitute. After choosing one of the options, it asks you for your email address, and the customer service team contacts you.

We got over the disappointment and moved forward. We arrived at the section with an overview of the service's individual features. Their placement in the app environment is indicated by interactive hotspots.

agorapulse gif

It's not the best solution because you have to move the cursor to the hotspot for the feature placement to display. It would be simpler and more comprehensible if the hotspot descriptions appeared as a bubble context clue. Example:

agorapulse edit

After breaking down this part, we continued to the testimonials. These are great to boost your determination to try the service because they create positive social proof effect, leading to higher user engagement, i. e. to the signup, for instance.

More about why to include testimonials in the user onboarding can be found in one of our previous articles.

agorapulse 3

As Agorapulse tries to convince us to test the service by showing us how satisfied even the world brands are, a CTA is missing which would transform us from visitors to users.

The start-the-trial button is placed two sections below. Onboarding on Mention’s landing page serves as a great example of how it should be done.

Let's get down to the sign up

We left the Agorapulse's benefits section and headed to sign up and out the before mentioned features on our own. Even though we could have shortened the sign up process by the social login with Facebook, we chose the other, a little more time-consuming option.

We find social login, however, a great choice which makes us one of the 77% of users who would prefer this option on each website.

We were really excited that there was no need to fill out our card number, speeding up the process.

agorapulse 4

agorapulse 5

Oh, so the signup won’t be so simple and quick as we've thought when filling out the above mentioned form. Never mind, we filled out the additional information, and moved on.

ahorapulse registration

Now we have to add social media profiles to link with the app. We decided for Facebook page as a test, but before, we were showed what features will become available after linking the profile with Agorapulse.

agorapulse 6

agorapulse 7

We added and linked the Facebook page, and landed on the previous screen where we felt a little confused and didn't know what to do.

agorapulse 8

In-app onboarding

After the successful sign up and linking the social account, it's time to look at the Agorapulse's UI. We were welcomed by a 4-step-guide which introduced the options of the tool and how the individual features work using interactive illustrations.

To watch the video guide click here, here, or here.

agorapulse welcome

In the last step, the guide offered us to pick one of the three previously-introduced functionalities. We can check the inbox, plan our post, or export a report.

We decided for the first one, were redirected to the inbox, and had no idea where to look. There were plenty of contrast CTAs, each of them calling to different action.

Ok, so, how about going one by one?

agorapulse 9

Our prayers have been answered because the bubble user onboarding guide itself was divided into multiple steps. Tips were factual and easy-to-understand which is a big plus.

agorapulse inside

We also appreciated the status bar, displaying the onboarding completion rate, and the individual guides you can browse.

That's great, we thought. Our hopes vanished just as we tried to start the guide in the Schedule a post section because there was no guide. Unfortunately, the same happened in other parts of the web app as well.

And this is the end of our tour of Agorapulse’s user onboarding.


+ graphical depiction of the user onboarding completion rate,

+ switching the individual onboarding steps,

- a large amount of CTAs at the first launch,

- wasted chatbot potential,

- no further steps after the completion of the first guide (maybe a technical error).

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