Case study: How innocent pop-up windows increased CTR by 9%?

24.7.2017, 5 minutes read

Immediately before the 2017 holiday season, we placed on the webpage of FIRO-tour travel agency a user onboarding platform which leads customers step by step through their whole summer holiday selection experience.  This minor change increased the click-through ratio from the main page by 9%.

What is user onboarding?

User onboarding is a process of a gradual acquaintance with a new environment. Although this term is usually linked to the adaptation of new employees to various processes, colleagues or an organizational culture, user onboarding has its meaning in a usage of webpages and applications, too.

The better a walkthrough is prepared, the faster the visitor can become oriented with the webpage. This change frequently impacts their level of satisfaction.

About the client

During their 16 years in the Slovak market, FIRO-tour travel agency has developed as one of the most popular agencies.

In regard to another number, yearly around 18,000 people book their holidays through this travel agency.  This is one of the reasons why FIRO-tour exists in the top 5 largest Slovak travel agencies. Its success is proven annual turnover, which has throughout the year exceeded more than 15 million euros.

Why did we make it?

Our goal was to make the orientation for visitors on the webpage easier, and to immediately provide them options for their favourite or chosen destination. Since it’s the webpage of a travel agency with numerous of categories and different offers available, visitor can get lost in the content relatively quickly. Even faster if they did not previously know what type of holidays they are interested in, or which destination they would actually like to visit.

The period of implementation

With cooperation alongside the online agency Marketinger we planned the launch of the walkthrough between the first and the second half of May. Although people begin dreaming about their future holiday as soon as they return from their previous one, they start to consider the real choice of the summer holiday mostly in this season.

Testing method

To be able to compare people’s behaviour with the walkthrough’s effect, its portrayal was carried out by the A/B form of testing.  Within one month of the A/B test, there were proven effects of the walkthrough on more than 60,000 people.


The welcome screen also guides visitors to use the search tool.

The walkthrough welcomed visitors on the webpage and alarmed for an option to use a direct search for the destination at the same time.


The walkthrough in a form of the pop-up window also guided visitors to use a filter that will show only the trips that meet their personal criteria.

We also used the walkthrough to remind visitors there is an option to filter offers in every category. This reminder, displayed as a pop-up window, lead visitors to use the filter more.

Achieved results

1. Country, location and hotel search

As a real conversion in this type of the A/B testing, our aim was a situation where a client filled in the search bar and was transferred from the main page to an offer that meets their criteria.

From the testing results, we found out that after switching from the default version to the version with the walkthrough, the webpage has reached higher amount of clicks from the main page to subpages with destinations by 9.85%.


2. Price calculation and reservation

If the client had chosen their destination, the walkthrough’s task was to lead them through the next purchase steps, which consisted of the price calculation according to a chosen filter or transition to fill in their details.

In this phase of the A/B testing we discovered that on the webpage with the walkthrough, holiday reservations increased by 9.25%.



In this project our partner online agency has proven that even if the webpage is made with the maximal emphasis on an effective usage, there is still a value in the addition of a walkthrough to it, as this will make it even easier to use.

For some people, orientation can be unclear and confusing despite the simple webpage with a perfected UX.  This is exactly the problem that the user onboarding platform YesElf can solve.

These achieved results are the proof that even a minor change like this can influence people’s behaviour on the web and improve your usage metrics in a very positive way.

We consider our website to be the most important channel of our sales with a great potential for the future. That’s why we are constantly innovating and looking for new ways to increase conversions and our visitors interest. When we decided to try YesElf, we did not expect it would affect our sales as much as by 9,25% in a very short time horizon. We were quite surprised and it is really astonishing how much added value YesElf can bring.

– Ing. Marcel Siekel, director of CK FIRO-tour

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