Webinar On Demand Digital Adoption Platform, what is it? And how it is increasing ROI to SAP clients

20.10.2020, 5 minutes read

The Challenge

Nowadays, enterprises worldwide are increasingly adopting digital solutions to improve their operations and overall business. However, most of these companies are often unable to reap the benefits of such technologies. 70%  failed to acquire a projected ROI, and the primary reason for this is the lack of user adoption of digital solutions.
IT teams across all industries see an unprecedented challenge to enable critical operations and business units, to conduct effective remote working, improve collaboration and remove bottlenecks to productivity with all the systems that users need to be able to do their jobs effectively. 

The main takeaways 

  • What is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) and the benefits that can be expected from utilizing such a platform in enterprise software? 

  • How can partners monetize existing clients with DAP?

  • ROI and onboarding margin increase for customers.

  • A quick peek into YesElf and SAP Concur.

The webinar was live on 30 Jul 2020.

We have made the recording available for you to watch it anytime on-demand.

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The Panelists 

Jaciel Trujano

Peter Lanák

Pavol Valčák

Global Partner Business Development Manager


Head of Sales


Senior IT Project Manager


As part of the digitization space, Jaciel has persevered to drive a culture of mutual cooperation with partner enterprises worldwide. His core focus is to bring YesElf technology opportunities to vendors of SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Workday, and other cloud-based software.

Peter Lanak is a seasoned upper management professional with 20 plus years of experience in Manufacturing, Telecommunications, and IT Services across Europe and Internationally.

Pavol is a senior project manager at GLOBESY with more than ten years of experience in managing complex IT implementations for KIA, Innogy, T-Mobile, E.On, and various government agencies.

Get a first-hand Introduction to GLOBESY services, industry outlook, and their motivation to be part of the YEPP - YesElf Partner Program and DAP.

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