5 details to transform a boring staff training into positive experience

11.3.2019, 5 minutes read

Divide the training into several partial tasks and consider gamification. Your staff training will be not only about education, but also about fun!

experience staff training


Forget lengthy and dull trainings and instead, consider other methods of effective staff training. One of the them is called microlearning. As the name suggests, microlearning comprises short-term, small educational activities using apps, podcasts, simulations, videos, or even games.

If you’re asking what is effective about such training, there are several answers to your question. Microlearning helps to diminish the forgetting rate. Microlearning even promotes the engagement of students learning an additional 40 minutes per week on their own time.

Naturally, microlearning is not designed only for students but for many. Companies can save time and money and become more efficient in achieving their defined goals. Thanks to microlearning, you can save up to 50% of your staff training costs.

effective microlearning

American Walmart, who decided to achieve maximum safety in all of their distribution centers, serves as a perfect example. Walmart used microlearning to ask the staff questions about safety on daily basis. At the end of the day, the workers changed their actions and behavior, and the safety incidents rate dropped by 54%.

Let them choose

Thanks to the strong CPUs, intuitive touchscreens, and the availability of high-speed internet connection, smartphones popularity continues to grow. The use of smartphones increases in all kinds of areas such as industry, business, science, law, and sport.

Therefore, you should also think about the efficiency of your staff training in terms of devices used.

According to Stephen Bae, the Head of Creative Strategy and Innovation at The Game Agency, it is crucial to provide content also to the people who refuse certain devices or rather create educational content in more versions.

microlearning by any devices

Microsoft and its decision to support the success rate of its retailers is a great example. They created a program consisting of three courses. The employees could complete the courses on their desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones. This program became so effective that one year after its launch, it generated $50 million profit.

One of the benefits of smartphone or tablet trainings is that the employees can complete the training wherever and whenever they want.

Playing to learn

“Human minds are plug-and-play devices. They’re meant to be used in networks,” says James Gee, professor at Arizona State University. Continuous flow of information is, however, not what we have in mind. Games are useful for they help us to make better decisions.

gamification staff training

If you want to educate your staff effectively and with fun, consider so called gamification.

Gamification in practice means to complete educational courses by scoring points, achieving levels, and, finally, getting a certification. Deloitte also chose the same approach. Thanks to the gamification, training engagement and completion at Deloitte both increased by 50%.

Engage your staff

People can pay attention to any presentation from 7 to 10 minutes in average, if it is interesting for them. In worse cases, they stop focusing in a few seconds.

Passivity is one of the issues deteriorating the staff training. The staff feels minimum engagement and considers the content irrelevant.

staff engagement

These feelings can be fixed by making the training more interesting and personal. Use stories and various scenarios which the staff can relate to. Education should be interactive and relevant, and don’t hesitate to use emotional content as well.

The employees also need to realize how they and others can benefit from the training. The key is to interface the virtual and the real.

More fun

Besides the higher staff engagement and explanation of the usefulness of the training, it will be also more fun. The content can be amusing but only to the appropriate level.

Do not underestimate the group cooperation too. Ideally, working in groups should amount to 80% of the total training time.

creative staff training

Keep the content live - use more pictures and colors which can raise the amount of information remembered by 85%.

Various experts agree that music can also be helpful in education. Whether to play music during the training or not we will leave up to you.

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