The future of HR management: AI and automation will become a must

6.5.2019, 5 minutes read

KPMG’s 2018 study shows that only 36% of HR departments have started to introduce artificial intelligence and just 14% have invested in artificial intelligence (AI) over the past 2 years. However, artificial intelligence is the key element which will be emphasized more and more; in terms of job hunting as well as trainings.

1. Data collection and data use in the foreground

Who are the most productive employees? How long does it take to find a new staff member? Which month is the most suitable to hire new people? What skills will the current staff base need in the future?

Big data can answer all these and many other questions. Internal database, employee presence system, or IT system can be the source for the collection of big data. And what’s next?

Basically, data use in human resources has no limits. Besides the problem prediction due to the lack of qualified workforce, it can be used to boost the qualification of your current staff.

How relevant information can make the staff training easier has already been discussed in one of our articles.

Matej Války, codeveloper of YesElf prediction onboarding platform, finds the insufficient amount of data the greatest issue of data collection. “The power of algorithms and its flawless functionality depends on the input data. The more data you get, the better the algorithms work,” he says.

AI in HR management

It’s worth mentioning that sufficient amount of data won’t save you if you don’t know their purpose. Context and right interpretation for recruitment and staff development purposes is the key.

2. From computers to mobile phones

In a nutshell, HR managers’ work won’t be executed on computers or laptops only. The same applies to the staff members.

Smartphones have found their place in our personal lives and gradually at almost every job as well, HR being no exception.

Mobile onboarding combines the best practices used in HR and makes them available for the newcomers in an up-to-date form. How does (will) it work?

You send the new hires all the necessary information and credentials in a personalized mobile app before they start their new job.

They don’t need to search through the inbox; all the information can be found in one centralized place using smartphones which we carry all the time.

Onboarding mobile app concept
Onboarding mobile app concept of Talmudno

3. AI can do it for you, but...

There is no doubt that the future of labour lies in automation which will not cost us our jobs but rather makes them much easier. The vast use of artificial intelligence in HR has, however, one ‘but’.

PwC, Deloitte as well as IBM showed in their surveys that firms clearly want to employ the AI, but they are not ready for it. They have neither the common practices nor the people to introduce them.

Prior to the HR department transformation, a HR managers training reform must take place. IBM predicts that more than 120 million workers in ten largest economies will need to be reskilled before the companies can start using AI.

The AI is undoubtedly coming. But how can we embrace it?

Employees don’t want to get a pile of information and study material. They don't want to attend the face-to-face trainings, either.

The reason behind is simple: people want to learn in short and easy-to-comprehend time periods when they find what they need in the moment of need.

You might ask what does the AI have to do with it?

Everything. Thanks to the personalized onboarding, the software can recognize the problem area of individual employees (when they don’t know what to do) and automatically offer them relevant Help in the right time at the right place.

Do you think it's amazing? If so, don’t leave the preparation for the AI arrival for later and be among the first to introduce it at their firms. It's much easier than you think.

YesElf onboarding platform learns how to properly work with your software using machine learning algorithms, and if evaluates that the user feels lost working in the environment, it offers him or her help and shows what to do.

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4. HR develops into integration of various activities

Based on the above, it's clear that HR management will change forever. Besides skilled HR managers, the Human Resources departments will also need data, automation, and AI specialists.

The integration of new specialists will, however, not cause any trouble as when the marketers, taking care of the of the attractive job postings, or enthusiastic and proactive job hunters, attracting new talents to join the company, became part of the HR segment.

Is your company prepared for such change?

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