YesElf Digital Transformation Platform and 2 Digits Growth Announce Strategic Partnership to Increase Enterprise Digital Adoption

14.10.2020, 5 minutes read

YesElf Digital Transformation Platform and 2Digits Growth Announce Strategic Partnership to Increase Enterprise Digital Adoption

YesElf is an AI-powered adoption platform for providing personalized and predictive step-by-step walkthroughs for any enterprise software. YesElf simplifies the user experience by providing on-screen, step-by-step guidance at the moment of need so that the customers can complete any task successfully. It can also be used to train employees more effectively on CRM and boost their overall productivity. 

2 Digits Growth has a mission to help companies accelerate their innovation and growth by identifying and managing new business opportunities. With 5 years of existence and more than 500 projects accelerated in different industries, Barcelona based company is here to help you grow your businesses. Creation, ideation, and success have never been so easy. The company uses an acceleration platform called Acceleria. It is a 3 staged Acceleration Programme fully digital and guided by acceleration mentors. From idea launch 💡 to takeoff 🎢 to skyrocketing 🚀 stage all 100% digital.

This partnership aims to empower businesses and increase the software adoption of digital-based platforms not only in Spain but in the world while accelerating the onboarding and activation processes. By supporting their business growth on this platform they will also be able to increase their overall reach and improved efficiency, among many other things. 2Digits will now combine their respective abilities and strategies, creating a uniquely powerful toolset that improves industry efficiency and engagement.

This timely partnership will enable high volumes of work from home employees to the better use of the technology and empower businesses to not only continue normal work but increase productivity and get better ROI of their investments in times of disruption.

“At YesElf we believe that education and innovative business models are key elements in the creation of a better world. Partnering with businesses to directly drive growth, education, and awareness is key to our vision. We are excited to be a part of this positive, impactful partnership, together with 2 Digits Growth!” said Peter Šimun, CEO and Co-Founder of YesElf.

We offer a complete solution to boost productivity and are working towards empowering each user to pass digital adoption barriers through individual contextual walkthroughs.  


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