What HR learned from the corona crisis

28.7.2020, 5 minutes read

The global pandemic established several significant trends in the HR segment that will likely shape the industry in the future. Let's discuss them.

It took the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) only a few months to change the world.

Due to the global pandemic, many companies had to adapt to new work methods overnight. They were forced to learn how to operate remotely, re-organize their teams, and prepare crisis strategies.

Which changes preserve and how will the labor market change after the COVID-19?

Working from home is the new standard

The pandemic resulted, among others, in the extension of remote work. The fear of the spreading virus made the companies order their employees to work from home.

Things are slowly getting back to normal, however, many companies realized that remote work is much more efficient and extremely popular among the employees.

corona crisis and HR

New ways to motivate needed

HR departments will have to, hand in hand with the growing popularity of remote work, find creative ways to motivate the employees to work remotely and become more independent and self-organized.

The workers need to know exactly what are the employer's expectations and what are their tasks in order to achieve this goal. All this information can be found in a digital platform.

The employers should also adopt approaches towards more flexible work from home and make their premises more attractive for the people to feel like home.

More flexible and agile companies

The coronavirus crisis showed loud and clear how fast, and to what extent, companies are able to adapt to unexpected changes which, once again, confirmed that only those with more flexible reactions to changes will survive.

Companies will apparently have to replace current rigid organization structures and introduce modern, agile management methods in the future.

This means the HR departments must shift their focus to soft skills and ability of flexible and fast adaptation to changes when hiring new talents.

Technologies are key for survival

The urgent need to transform to a work-from-home-friendly company was a test of the technological equipment and virtual processes for the companies and their HR departments .

Basically the entire agenda - from hiring new workforce, team coordination to measuring the employees’ performance - went online in a blink of an eye. 

corona crisis and HR

Companies, who want to be prepared for the changes to come, must continually invest in HR technologies. This applies not only to recruitment, but also to literally everything related: from virtual onboarding, sharing of questionnaires and documents to periodic online training and courses.

Make your HR digital

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