YesElf Digital Adoption Platform and Solviteers Announced Strategic Partnership

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YesElf has signed a partnership agreement with Solviteers, key Advice & Implementation provider for the government market in the Netherlands.

Solviteers implement new laws and regulations, optimize work processes and set up supporting applications. They mainly work for local authorities, care and welfare institutions, charities and housing corporations. 

The YesElf software uses Artificial Intelligence to determine when a user has doubts about the use of applications in their daily work and then gives tips. YesElf learns when the user deviates from ‘normal’ and only takes action when help is welcome. For an optimal return and minimal burden on the employees, YesElf must first be properly configured for the user’s work processes. This setting up can also be done remotely, which makes the burden on the client even lower. 

And that is where Solviteers Advice & Implementation comes in, says Peter Simun (director of YesElf): “YesElf as a tool is as good as its implementation within the daily business of the user. This requires knowledge of both ICT use and the work processes of the local government. With over 25 years of experience in IT and work processes in the public domain, Solviteers Advice & Implementation is the ideal partner for us to set up YesElf for the local government. We are therefore very enthusiastic about this collaboration. ” 

YesElf is a start-up with great potential, says Bjorn Stemerdink (director Solviteers Advice & Implementation): “We are always looking for ways to improve government services. Better output, less costs and less burden on employees, that is what makes us happy. Because this is about public funds for the public good and we are passionate about that. YesElf is going to make the difference here as an excellent addition to training and support through management, I am convinced of that! ” 

Because YesElf ensures less reliance on internal and external support, this tool pays for itself quickly. Equally important is that YesElf increases the level of the user by giving relevant tips when this user hesitates. This greatly benefits the quality of application use and improves the user experience.

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