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Craft the differentiator in every Core component of our platform

About YesElf

We’re on the mission to enable the full potential of employees by giving them the right training, at the right moment, inside the IT system they currently use without leaving the chair or picking the phone to make a call to the support. Read more here…

What is the quest?

Developing YesElf is not like developing any other business application around. As a Senior software engineer the knowledge of asynchronous communication on the backend gets handy on the frontend as well. Experience with manipulating data structures in a functional way brings easier life into our frontend. Blending the user interface with our data generated by AI gives direct benefit to our clients as well.

The challenges presented for the position will pull out your deep engineering knowledge to the light and allow you to see the architecture in a holistic but practical way. Forming your clever ideas and design decisions in a working code allows you to see it under load in the production environment.

And that is just the beginning…

What shall you work on

  • You will analyze and define technical design components, the communication and internals with an Architect and the team
  • You will have a deep comprehension of our core engine and all related services
  • You will have a chance to apply best and innovative software engineering principles across the stack
  • You will improve and watch over consistent guidelines and quality
  • You will mentor, support and understand your colleagues with their daily technical problems and spread the knowledge
  • You will craft functional code across several platform components
  • You will cover multiple domains and look for optimal engineering solutions
  • You will have the opportunity to steer the technical wheel with your knowledge and arguments
  • You will look for improvements in our internal processes in order to ship and deliver regularly

What we ask for it

  • You have to be open-minded and constructive
  • Knowing front-end and back-end (a.k.a. Full-Stack) technologies is a must
  • You have been active in the software development for more than 5 years
  • You have past experience in implementing various software engineering concepts (like messaging, asynchronous communication, micro-frontends, different algorithmic approaches, cloud, large-scale distributed system, …)
  • You know how to reduce a map using arrow functions and get deeper in the functional programming
  • DOM API, browser bus, CSS selectors or frames are no-brainer for you
  • React stack is in your favour, fancy stuff like redux for managing the state, sagas or selectors should be known to you at least on the concept level from other frameworks
  • You know how to build high-quality product with defensive programming principles in mind
  • You communicate your opinions to other team members
  • You do not keep the knowledge for yourself but you document and share it
  • You must be highly motivated to get things done

In return we offer

  • Working on a complex product with challenges in the front-end and back-end you will not encounter in classic “business” applications
  • Change the architecture, find new approach to burning problems
  • Personal approach, direct and open communication
  • International and multilingual working environment
  • Friendly like-minded geeks for whom hacking a software is passion
  • Internal hackathon with the possibility to solve your own ideas
  • Support for your personal development
  • Fair salary re-evaluations based on experience and contribution to the product success

Wage conditions (gross) from 2,700 EUR / month

*  salary will be adjusted based on seniority and location

Join the Elves!

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