What is customer onboarding and why it is worth your investment

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The user’s initial experience with your product is the vital moment which determines if the user becomes a customer. Read our article and find out how you can use it to the fullest.

Did you know that 40 to 60% of people (according to Intercom) try an online service once and never return? At the end of the first week only 25% of signed-up users remain loyal to your app or web.

There are two reasons why customers do not use your products:

  1. lack of knowledge of your product
  2. lesser product value than expected

A good customer onboarding can solve both of the above problems.

What is customer onboarding?

Customer onboarding can be defined as a pathway people need to take before becoming your customer.

It involves necessary steps to get to know your product or service and start using it.

Proper customer onboarding, in a comprehensible manner, explains and guides users throughout your product, such as a web, app, online store, or other online software platform.

Onboarding employs tutorials, videos, speech bubbles, chatbots, and many other tools to make the introduction process much easier for the customer.

 text bubble in the YesElf tool
Illustrative text bubble in the YesElf tool

Onboarding success stories

Let’s take a look at a few success stories which illustrate how to improve the onboarding process of your digital product. It can be small things which might determine the success of your product.

Show the customer what follows

Inform your customers on how much they have left to go throughout the entire process. As soon as they discover what’s ahead of them, they become calmer and more enthusiastic to complete the next step.

One of the options is to display a progress bar. The screenshot of Etsy’s web provides an example of how the progress can be displayed on the web or in an app.

The meter shows the customers where they are in the process of creating their shop and how many steps they have left.

customer onboarding
Retrieved from: Groove

Reduce the steps to a minimum

Are you sure you need the customer’s email address or credit card from the very beginning? With every redundant step, the chances of successful acquisition of a new customer drop.

Keep as few steps as possible.

Netflix can serve as an example of good practices. All the user has to enter to sign up for this popular streaming service is his or her email. Netflix does not ask for any other information.

Focus on essential parts

Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. You can use speech bubbles or short instructional videos to direct the user to the essential product features.

An easy-to-follow example is Slack communication platform which shows basic app features in the form of speech bubbles after the login.

customer onboarding
Retrieved from: dgajsek.com

Let the users explore your product

Your product certainly contains a bunch of valuable functionalities and it’s quite natural you want to present them. However, onboarding is more than information overload. 

Your goal should be to direct the prospect to where you want him to be. Let the user discover all the hidden hacks later.

Benefits of high-quality customer onboarding

The use of customer onboarding has many benefits. Let’s talk about the most significant ones.

Better customer experience

Nowadays, product quality and low price is not all that matters. What consumers want in the first place is a nice experience. They need fast and clear information that help them achieve the required result as soon as possible.

Dynamic and clear guidance reduces the chance of customers switching to your competition.

Customer retention

To acquire a new customer is about 5 to 25 times more expensive (depending on your business) than to retain existing customers. However, the stats show that only 18% of companies focus on retention.

Happy customer is a loyal customer. Positive experience with your product raises the chance of customers coming back to you. 

customer onboarding

Savings on customer support

Ideally, with a well-set customer onboarding, the users get all necessary information as you guide them throughout the web or app. This allows you to make the customer support more efficient and save a lot of time and money.

Collection of valuable data

Customer onboarding tools allow you to collect valuable data that might be used to improve your platform and build stronger relationships with the customer, such as the data as to which step took the customers the most, at which step they left the platform, or how often do they sign up.

How to start: try YesElf!

A high-quality onboarding platform helps you implement all above benefits and saves a lot of time and money which would be otherwise spent on design of your own solutions.                                                                                                     

Get in touch and we will gladly send you a free personalized version to test YesElf’s features and benefits for a month.

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