How can artificial intelligence help businesses get through the coronavirus pandemic?

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The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic paralysed our daily routines, especially at work. Panicking is, however, not the answer. Try to adapt to the situation and upgrade your processes instead! How can AI and other technologies help you?

1. Try home onboarding

For long-time employees with sufficient experience is the home office a normal place of work. New hires, however, might feel at risk now. They might have had enough time to learn just the basics and might not be sure if you intend to fire them or not.

However, if you employ and rely on a smart onboarding platform (digital adoption platform) now, you don’t need to worry.

This platform allows the employees to try working with individual systems via personalized onboarding from home, receiving useful information in a well-arranged, clear, and concise manner without the help of their co-workers.

To slightly personalize the process, connect with the new employee right before the end of the work and ask him or her how the onboarding went.

He or she might update you on details which might be improved and subsequently implemented in the onboarding. The newcomers will be happy for the opportunity to learn from home as well and that they can be of help. 

It is not the office what makes us feel good about our jobs and co-workers. It is the time spent together. Have at least one video call with your team and the newcomer every day.

How does the Digital Adoption Platform work?

Our YesElf onboarding platform helps your new hires learn how to use your corporate software without face-to-face classes. An efficient digital training will bear its fruit in the form of higher productivity and saved costs.

YesElf onboarding platform helps you create easy-to-follow instructions which appear in the software in the right time and guide your staff throughout the user interface. Thanks to the instructions, your staff learns how to work with the software efficiently and swiftly.

YesElf can also discover the issues of the app and identify the spots where onboarding is necessary or needless.

The guide provides the workers with a tip and relevant information which help him or her solve the problem. The Help is task-specific and relates to the current state of the app.

2. Use the tech giants’ offers

The tech giants also responded to the coronavirus pandemic. They offer various home office programs and tools – some of them for free and some with advanced features – to help both large and small businesses across the globe.

Box the cloud storage currently offers the users free three months of secure data sharing and use of integrated apps. The offer is intended for businesses and includes unlimited storage capacity, smartphone access, and advanced user reports.

Google existing customers can use advanced Hangouts Meet video conferencing platform features. The customers can now have video meetings with up to 250 participants, live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers, and record meetings and save them to Google Drive.

Cisco also offers advanced features for existing Webex video conferencing platform customers. Cisco’s offer includes unlimited time of use of the service and free calls supported for up to 100 call participants.

GoToMeeting offers a free license for three months to crucial organizations to make video calls all across the globe, such as healthcare providers, educational institutions, city councils, and non-profit organizations.

Microsoft came up with a free version of Office 365 E1 for six months. The package contains several home communication and collaboration services, including video calls. Furthermore, Microsoft cancelled the limited number of participants at video calls. 

3. Remote retraining

Do you think some of the employees could now do other things to help the world and others? Try temporary retraining!

The employees will enjoy the extra activity, new information, and basically the training as well.

Think about in which area of work the employees could do more and use the Digital Adoption Platform to gain new skills and practical knowledge.

For instance, an employee preparing only final reports could nowadays utilize his or her skills to prepare detailed development analyses of the market during the Covid-19 pandemic.

An experienced employee dominating his or her area of expertise offers you to cover the development analyses but needs training and new experience.

This is the case when you can utilize personalized online learning with an implemented AI platform. During the employee’s home office, he or she will learn to draw up development analyses, help other, busier colleagues, and acquire new knowledge.

You can retrain the staff at home and some of the employees will certainly benefit from a small change. What else can the Digital Adoption Platform do in terms of retraining?

4. Focus on efficiency

When comparing home and traditional offices, efficiency is the crucial determinant. Some employers are convinced that people work less, inefficiently, and improperly when working from home and that working from the office is a much better choice. Now might be the right time to uncover the truth.

The Digital Adoption Platform measures the length of the processes in the system. It might also uncover which processes the employees can handle systematically and continually, and, vice versa, where the most mistakes are made and which processes take the most time.

Drawing up an analysis, for instance, may take 2 hours. However, if the employee needs to collect data during this task, the analysis might take up to 3 hours. An AI platform can determine where the problem is and where the employee could get stuck.

After the data collection, you can measure the efficiency of your own onboarding and implement changes if necessary. 

Implementing AI in an in-house system can also help you compare the employee’s productivity when working from home and from the office. The data is gathered in real time and for a longer period.

This might help you realize there are skilled people in your teams whose performance and productivity increases at the home office.

Few last words

AI and other technologies can help us but proceed with caution. Maintain a human and personal approach, connect with your team as much as possible, and make the people feel that you need them.

Stability at work brings balance and serenity in our lives which we need now more than ever.

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